Nature Token



  • Decentralized value transfer
  • Rich usage scenarios
  • Stable universal equivalent

 What is  Nature Token

In today's increasingly rich digital life, a lot people need to get rid of the weaknesses of the "credit-dependent model" in the traditional financial system. In addition, the existence of third-party financial intermediaries will increase the cost of transactions. Therefore, we need a decentralized electronic currency system, which is based on cryptography rather than credit, so that any agreed parties can pay directly without the participation of third-party intermediaries. Then the concept of decentralization was put forward, and a series of electronic currencies were derived with the constant change of social demand.


The concept of decentralized digital currency has been proposed for decades.Anonymous electronic cash agreements in the 1980s and 1990s are mostly based on Chaumian blinding. Although safe, but can not solve double spend problem.


Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic currency that maintains value without any asset guarantees and maintain value through intrinsic value or central issuers. It solves the problems of decentralization, de-trust and double spend. But the script is too simple to implement complex transactions and payment scenarios.



By establishing the basic layer of ultimate abstract and smart contract, Ethereum solved the problem of payment scenario access on the technical level and optimized the transaction cost and transaction confirmation speed, but it was still not enough to support a large number of small transactions and payments.


EOS introduces a new Blockchain architecture, further enhancing the performance expansion of decentralized applications. And allow for the rapid and convenient release of decentralized applications in the context of controlled Blockchain. But it still doesn't solve the value volatility problem.

                                   Nature Token——A New Peer-to-Peer Electronic currency system

  • Thanks to the development of Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS and human society has pushed the digital currency from technology to availability. But it can not solve the problem of excessive currency fluctuations .
  • Where is the decentralized consensus approach to currency stability? We have found the answer! There must be a consensus of value assets (or economies) corresponding to digital currencies. And we chose natural resources among the many assets and economies.
  • Natural resources support the development of science and technology and civilization of the whole human society, and they are also non-renewable, which is an asset of sufficient value for the consensus of human society. So Nature Token was born, a brand new peer-to-peer electronic currency system.

Nature Token also innovates the price and value stability mechanism of the digital currency, so that NXT, the digital currency of Nature Token, can maintain a stable price all the time. At the same time, in addition to developing rich software and hardware products in terms of the payment scenario, Nature Token has also continuously conducted in-depth operations and has obtained great success with the country and industry as the main partners.


The core product of Nature Token


NXT is a digital currency issued by Nature Token. It features stable price, fast transaction, low transaction cost and rich usage scenarios through a series of consensus mechanisms.


NTTC is the equity token issued by Nature Token and

will never be over issued.

NTTC represents the equity token in the ecology.


Thanks to the development of Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. Now, it has realized decentralization, preventing double spend, quick transaction confirmation, low transaction cost and other efficient value transfer.


With abundant online and offline payment scenes and sufficient payment equipment, it is the most important piece of digital currency. Nature Token is happy to share this moment with you!


The stability of values and prices is the most important for digital currencies, because no one wants to use a currency with large price fluctuations for production and living. Nobody is doing that right now.

Nature Token LOG_带字


Nature Token, as a cryptocurrency, is the same as BTC, ETH, EOS and other digital currencies. Cross-border use of any amount of digital money is not restricted by any national boundaries.

✓ The process of converting fiat-money into NXT can be done anywhere.

✓  The use of the NXT is internet-based and free of state restrictions.

✓ Offline payment scenarios are realized through POS machines, ATM, cash registers and APP developed by Nature Token.

✓ The management of NXT is done by Nature Token community, not by the State.


The tokens in ETH network can be transferred to EOS main chain via natural bridge, and tokens in EOS national chain can also be transferred to EOS main chain via natural bridge. The process is similar to the doge-eth Bridge, launched earlier this year by Truebit and users can lock their ERC20 tokens into an ETH smart contract by submiting evidence of such transactions on another chain, and then either create or receive the equivalent tokens.

This allows a 0x6 user on the EHT or EOS national chain to lock their corresponding NXT with the smart contract, and then receive the equivalent NXT on the EOS main chain or other EOS national chain by submitting evidence. The bridge is bidirectional, allowing the NXT holder to move its assets across different blockchains while keeping the total NXT constant no matter how many strands in the Nature Token are migrated.

With the help of natural bridge, Nature Token can customize different contract fees for different EOS national chains without affecting the circulation of NXT around the world, so as to realize the operation of taxes and so on.



Contact us If you have a need for digital currency funding, if you have a large natural resource deposit that you want to issue.


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