Income system of Nature Token

The Nature Token community has a complete income system. For holders of NTTC and NXT, both have good income and incentive models to support the healthy, stable and long-term development of the Nature Token community.

Nature Token hopes that NXT's holders will be able to outperform inflation in terms of the money they earn, as well as in the design of the system. Nature Token models based on an annualized return of 4.5%.




Source of income

  1. When NXT is issued, Nature Token collects 2% ABS fee (issuance and management fee) per year from the asset side. ABS charge is mainly used for the expenditure of operating costs.
  2. When NXT is issued, Nature Token charges the asset side 0.2% daily financing fee.
  3. The Nature Token Exchange charges 0.1% for each transaction. Transaction fees are mainly used for operating costs.


  • Get NXT dividends by holding NXT、NTTC。
  • The percentage of profit participating in dividend is:
  • 0.02% of the daily financing income.


Since the dividend system is only for the benefit of financing expenses, the financing costs can be reduced by the pledge NTTC. Therefore, we designed the equilibrium system.

If the financing fee is reduced due to the pledge of NTTC, or become 0, it means that a large amount of NTTC is purchased by the asset side and the value of NTTC will inevitably rise, and the early investors and NTTC holders will naturally get the income.

Therefore, we designed the balance system for the NXT holder:

  • This rule was triggered if the NTTC value exceeds $2.
  • Receive an NTTC award based on the token age of NXT.
  • The distribution rule is that for every NXT held for 1 hour, 000005 NTTC will be obtained and no rewards will be counted held for less than 1 hour.
  • Counted hourly.
  • Clean the token age after successful settlement.
  • Stop this rule when NTTC is worth less than $9.

Finally, a win-win situation has been achieved.