1、Where is the digital currency obtained from the initial NXT sale?

All initial NXT will be issued from the participating national government address, which will be posted on the official site.

2、Why do not buy USDT?

The digital currency USDT, which is jointly operated by Ted and the bank, has a market capitalization of more than 90% in the stable currency market. However, the USDT audit is not public, suspected of over-issuance, manipulation of Bitcoin prices and other disputes.

3、why do not buy DAI?

Maker, the smart contract platform on Ethereum, stabilizes the price of DAI by means of mortgage bonds (CDP), automated feedback mechanism and appropriate external incentives.The value of DAI equals to USD (1 DAI= USD $1), but cannot preserve its value.


Digix is based on gold tokens issued by Ethereum, which can be exchanged for solid gold at 100% gold. The tokens, known as DGX, can play a safe-haven role in the world of digital assets. But the holder must bear the cost of the gold’s storage and management costs

5、Why do not hold legal tender?

In the process of converting digital currencies into legal tender, high taxes will be charged in most countries as a result of the sale of goods.

6、Why do not hold natural assets?

Natural assets have the costs of transportation and storage with its low liquidity, which cannot meet the requirements of wealth hedging and value hedging.

7、Where can I download the NTtC and NXT wallet?

We will publish the platform wallet on the official website and official Telegram after the official launch. Meanwhile, any wallet that supports ETH and EOS can support NTTC and NXT.

8、 Can I exchange NXT at any time?

You can exchange NXT at any time. Only need to meet the following requirements:
The minimum number of transactions in the futures market;
Waiting for the standard delivery time of futures trading market;